Main Overview

Caleb Rowden is not who he says he is. Rowden is bought and paid for by wealthy special interest groups and is wrong on your healthcare.

Main Summary

All voters in Mid-Missouri, including middle and younger-aged voters on the go, need to see and hear that Caleb Rowden took $3.1 million from wealthy special interests like big drug and insurance companies, and rewarded them by leading the effort to block Medicaid expansion. Rowden even voted against health coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Rowden is bought and sold by the drug and insurance companies who are making record profits and want to hike your premiums, and raise the cost of prescription drugs.

On Deck

Voters in Mid-Missouri need to see that Caleb Rowden has taken $3.1 million from corporate special interests and insiders and in return, he voted to give them special tax handouts and favors. Rowden voted to cut funding from local school classrooms, pushing good teachers out of Missouri – all while doing the bidding of special interest lobbyists. Rowden took their checks and shortchanged our children and grandchildren.