Accessible Healthcare

A “healthy” economy requires putting people before profits. As Senator, Judy will promote access to high-quality healthcare for all Missourians, and she will hold drug and insurance companies accountable for the health of their customers.

Not everyone has equal access to healthcare, and in many areas the resources are scarce. Doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals can be hard to access in both cities and rural areas. As Senator, Judy will work to reduce the number and size of these “healthcare deserts,” making health care more accessible for Missourians. Judy is dedicated to developing better broadband access for telemedicine, providing better health care workforce training and distribution, and using Medicaid expansion to allow Missourians to work and move and not be dependent on health insurance from their employer.

Medicaid Expansion

The State of Missouri is one of only 13 states who have not adopted Medicaid expansion for low-income working families. Medicaid expansion would result in billions in new revenue for the state of Missouri. This net increase in the general revenue budget would make funds available that could be used for other priorities, including education. We would have an improved healthcare system and better preparedness for times like this current global pandemic. Our lawmakers have been rejecting this good deal since 2013. My opponent has voted against Medicaid expansion, and the best interests of the people of his district, every time.

Women’s Healthcare

Missouri and many other states have gone too far in their legislation related to women and their reproductive health. As Senator, Judy Baker will promote trusting women to make reproductive health decisions for themselves in consultation with their doctor, their families, and their clergy. To continue on the current path of reducing abortions and other health-crises, we must restore safe and legal access to reproductive healthcare for all women.

As Senator, Judy will work hard to preserve a victim’s right to as much privacy as possible and ensure victims of sexual harassment or assault are heard, valued, and protected from blame when reporting crimes perpetrated by others. In particular, she will look to make sure the protections of Title IX afford victims the right to as much privacy as possible during an educational institution’s administrative process and a right to representation equal to that given to those accused of sexual assault and harassment. Judy will work with colleagues and rely on experts in the field of Title IX to ensure these protections are balanced between the accused’s right to a fair hearing and an appropriate level of due process that does not have a chilling, stifling effect on the reporting of sexual assault and harassment.