Stronger Economy

Let’s build a future where working people can earn a fair wage, partake in the innovations they create, and be valued for the service they provide. A new economy will emerge where people who work hard can succeed, reap the rewards of their labors, have more purchasing power, and pay only their fair share of taxes.

As Senator, Judy Baker will strive to promote economic opportunity for all Missourians. Everyone who wants to and can work should be able to do so and be treated equally in the process. She plans to invest in programs like vocational training to upskill adult workers, offer incentives for employers to increase diversity and inclusion in hiring, and improve public transportation to improve commuting.

Unfair Taxation

Decades of poor tax policy decisions mean that now Missouri doesn’t invest in its communities like most of the nation, or even the surrounding states. Only four states in the nation collect less state revenue per capita than Missouri. This strips basic state services such as higher education, k-12 education, and public health to the bone. Because of our starved budget, we have no cushion for emergencies like this pandemic, so now the legislature had to withhold over $75 million which had been budgeted for and promised to higher education. This is unacceptable. Not only is the state collecting less tax revenue, but too much of the revenue it does collect comes from working families. Missourians with lower earnings pay more than their fair share. The rich pay substantially less taxes than the people who work hard and earn lower wages.

As Senator, Judy will fight to build better financial security for workers by addressing unfair taxation, raising the minimum wage, and advocating a fairer profit sharing from corporations to workers.

Each year Missouri gives away over $1 billion in special corporate giveaways and tax loopholes, leaving our communities strapped, struggling to provide the most basic services.

Low- and middle-income Missourians pay a higher proportion of their income in state and local taxes to support these services compared to their wealthy counterparts.

Missouri’s recent tax cuts go disproportionately to higher-income Missourians, leaving the middle-class holding the bag.

The federal Reserve reports that fewer than 50% of Missourians have as much as $1000 in savings to fall back on in the event they lose a job or get sick.