Sustainable Environment

As Senator, I will prioritize removing barriers to sustainable environmental solutions. We need new and affordable ways to provide power in this era of dramatic climate change, and we must acknowledge the very high cost of doing nothing. New energy sources such as wind, water, biofuels, solar, and more will help protect us from the worst outcomes of our climate trends and will also bolster our economy.

Most Americans think renewables are heavily subsidized when, in fact, permanent tax expenditures that subsidize fossil fuels exceed renewables by a 7-1 margin. I will work with legislators to increase support for renewable energy and increase incentives for a transition to renewable energy sources. While a State Representative, I proposed the first legislation in the MO House to provide low income loans for renewable energy which later became law and required government buildings to become more energy efficient.

I pledge to speak the truth about the environment, countering the manipulative language now used to maintain the environmental status quo. False choices are offered every day by the fossil fuel lobbyists and legislators bought with generous campaign contributions. One of the biggest false choices is to claim that you can either have jobs or the environment, but not both. Research shows no support for this claim. You can have jobs and still care for the earth upon which we depend, every moment of every day, by building a new energy economy.