As a State Representative, Judy Baker championed initiatives to provide healthcare for working families, protect patient privacy, keep the cost of medical bills and tuition down, support public education, and preserve clean air and water.

Our current State Senator does not represent our interests and values. He has consistently voted against Medicaid expansion and increasing the minimum wage. 72% of voters in our district voted for CLEAN Missouri, which would work to correct gerrymandered districts and clean up election financing, but he led the charge to overturn it. Judy Baker supports CLEAN Missouri, voting rights protections, and ranked choice voting, which would give voters more choices and ensure that all voters are represented in our state legislature.  He supports RIght to Work and other poor tax policies that favor the wealthy and leave citizens starved for necessary resources.

It’s time for new representation. The hardworking families of Missouri deserve a State Senator who will fight for your needs and respect your values.

Protecting Healthcare Access

Rebuilding a Fair Economy

Supporting Public Education

Eliminating Corruption

Keeping Communities Safe

Conserving Our Resources