As a state representative, Judy championed initiatives for healthcare for working families, privacy for patients making healthcare decisions, affordability of healthcare and education, education reforms, and environmental sustainability.

Our current State Senator does not represent our interests and values. He has consistently voted against Medicaid expansion and increasing the minimum wage. 72% of voters in our district voted for CLEAN Missouri, which would work to correct gerrymandered districts and clean up election financing, but he led the charge to overturn it. He supports RIght to Work and other poor tax policies that favor the wealthy and leave citizens starved for necessary resources.

It’s time for new representation. The hardworking families of Missouri deserve a State Senator who will fight for your needs and respect your values.

Accessible Healthcare

Adopt Medicaid expansion, reduce healthcare “deserts,” and lower the cost of treatment and life-sustaining drugs.

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Stronger Economy

Advocate for wage growth, close the gendered wage gap, and enable all workers to partake in innovations they create, including renewable energy jobs.

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Better Education

Promote legislation that values and equips teachers to ready our children and educate adult workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Fight Corruption

Put an end to pay-to-play politics, keep corporate interests out of politics, fix broken elections and gerrymandering to truly represent the people’s will.

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Gun Safety

Gun violence is a public health crisis – it is now the second leading cause of death. It is time to bring common sense gun safety reform.

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Sustainable Environment

Build a new energy economy, one that is sustainable to both the community we live in and the environment.

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