Proven Record

While in the Missouri House of Representatives, Judy supported initiatives for affordable, accessible healthcare for working- and middle-class families, access to education, and environmental sustainability.

Examples of legislation she championed

  • Creating a Missouri Health Professions Planning Commission
  • Increasing the resource limits for eligibility for medical assistance
  • Increasing access to Medicaid for working adults
  • Requiring state agencies to engage in energy conservation
  • Establishing the Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Program
  • Establishing guidelines and mandates for promoting physical education in schools
  • Forming a Joint Committee on Access to Nontraditional Career and Technical Education
  • Requiring the State of Missouri to improve rape kit collection and testing
  • Creating a secure mailbox system for victims of domestic violence
  • Requiring state agencies to engage in energy conservation
  • Creating Renewable Energy Research Grants
  • Providing tax credit for constructing homes accessible to disabled individuals based on universal design standards
  • Establishing the Missouri Renewable Energy Loan Authority

The current Republican super majority does not respect the will of the people.

“Most Missourians, including those in the 19th Senatorial District, believe that Medicaid should be available for working families, workers should be paid a fair wage, and out-of-state corporate influence has no place in our district.

Yet the super majority Republicans in power in Jefferson City completely oppose these Initiatives and work to overturn the wishes of the people they should represent. I will respect the will of the people.”