Judy Baker: Improving the lives of Mid-Missourians

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“My comprehensive policies are designed to solve everyday problems for residents of Cooper and Boone counties, where I have deep ties. All Missourians deserve healthcare, a stronger economy, better educational opportunities, and fair elections. Together, we can build a better future for our loved ones.”


Accessible Healthcare

Adopt Medicaid expansion, reduce healthcare “deserts,” and lower the cost of treatment and life-sustaining drugs.

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Stronger Economy

Advocate for wage growths, decrease gender wage-gaps, and allow all workers to partake in innovations they create, including renewable energy jobs.

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Better Education

Promote legislation that values and equips teachers to ready our children and educate adult workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

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Fight Corruption

Put an end to pay-to-play politics, keep corporate interests out, fix our broken election system and end gerrymandering to truly represent the people’s will.

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Meet Judy

Judy has decades of experience as a healthcare policy maker, economics professor, and most recently, as the founder of a small non-profit.

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